Uncontested Divorce Mediation in Houston TX

Many couples that decide to divorce remain on amicable terms. These couples have a rough idea of how they would like to set up custody, visitation, and child support. They may also know how they would like to divide their assets and debts. However, a majority of these couples are not aware of the details that must be included in their divorce settlement agreements. Uncontested divorce mediation in Houston TX allows these couples to discuss their agreement and add the necessary details so that the agreement will be enforceable by Texas courts. Uncontested divorce mediation in Houston TX allows the parties to quickly, efficiently settle their case and finalize their divorce.

As an example, imagine that one couple has decided that the wife will remain in the marital home and will be responsible for its bills. The couple must include several more details in this clause. For example, the husband’s name should be removed from the mortgage, the home should be refinanced in the wife’s name, and the deed will need to reflect that the wife is now the sole owner of the home. It is also good practice to include deadlines for these events to be completed. Otherwise, ownership of the home may never be properly transferred.

Similarly, the couple must ensure that sufficient detail is included in a custody and visitation arrangement. Many couples do not anticipate certain details, such as the child’s extra-curricular activities, relocation of a parent or one parent’s decision to begin dating. How will these issues be addressed?

The mediator will help the parties consider all aspects of their agreement to make sure that their final settlement is comprehensive and complete. With a detailed agreement, the parties are less likely to need the court’s assistance for clarification on its terms in the future.