Why Use a Family Law Mediator in Texas?

Family law disputes are among the most stressful, most emotional disagreements that a family can experience. In many instances, the family unit is completely transformed, which is devastating for both parents and children. Arguing in court over the end of one’s marriage or a change in child custody is exhausting for the parties.

Family law cases, especially custody battles and divorces, also have significant financial impacts on the family. Family law attorneys may charge several hundred dollars per hour for their services, and many clients underestimate just how quickly these expenses can add up. Consider the following: if an attorney charges $300 per hour, a 15-minute phone call will cost the client $75.00. If a case is especially contested, the parties may spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees and costs—dipping into money that could have been deposited into the children’s college funds or saved for a new home.

A Texas family law mediator can help the parties finalize their dispute much more quickly and for much less money than if they had fought their case in the court system. During mediation, a mediator meets with the parties to help them settle their case. The parties create their own agreement with the assistance of the mediator. Therefore, the parties remain in control of the outcome of their dispute—an option they do not have in family court.

During mediation, the parties also have the opportunity to tell the mediator any information they feel is relevant to the outcome of their case. This is not always an option in court, as typically the attorneys speak on behalf of their clients during hearings and trials. During mediation, the parties know that the mediator has heard their concerns and considered them when suggesting ways the parties can resolve their case.