How to Choose a Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediation is an excellent resource for couples entangled in divorce litigation or any sort of litigation involving their minor children. It has been successful even in highly contested cases. Not only does it save the parties money and stress, but is also allows them to maintain more control over the outcome of their cases.

Once you and your spouse/significant other have agreed to use divorce mediation, you will need to choose a Texas divorce mediator. Most divorce mediators will offer a phone consultation session to explain their technique, prices, and experience. As you interview potential divorce mediators, keep the following factors in mind when making your selection.

First, make sure that the mediator conducts mediations as a primary part of business. Many mediators attend training, and then only conduct mediation sessions a few times a year after that. You will have a greater chance of settling your case if you select a mediator that directs several mediation sessions per week.

Additionally, ask the mediator if he or she regularly conducts divorce mediations. Ask about the various types of cases this mediator has handled, and see if your case facts are similar to ones that the mediator has previously settled. Ask the mediator what percentage of cases reach settlement—the higher the percentage, the better.

Next, ask the mediator how often he or she attends continuing education seminars on mediation and family law. These sessions provide information on the latest mediation techniques and developments in family law, which will be very beneficial to your case.

Finally, you should feel comfortable with your mediator. Your mediator should be patient and warm as you explain the details of your case and should be happy to explain his or her credentials to you. You will have to discuss very personal issues with this person, so it is important that you feel comfortable doing so.

Anyone that completes the 40 hour basic mediation training can call themselves a “certified” mediator since they received a certificate at the end of their initial training. Instead look for a mediator that has taken extensive mediation training. The only credentialing organization in Texas is the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association.

You should also look for someone that belongs to professional mediation organizations such as Texas Association of Mediators or the Association of Attorney-Mediators. In order to belong to most mediation organizations a mediator must meet certain yearly requirements.