Stepchildren and Co-Parenting in Houston Texas

If you are a stepparent, or if you have children from a previous relationship and have remarried, you understand that co-parenting in Houston Texas takes on a new dynamic once new spouses or partners are involved. Although in many cases co-parenting in Houston Texas goes smoothly, sometimes, parents encounter challenges that are difficult to resolve. If these issues are not resolved, communication may break down between these couples and their relationship may suffer. Even worse, the children may pick up on the heightened stress the parents and stepparents feel.

How can parents and stepparents resolve these emotional disputes? One method is mediation. During mediation, the parents and stepparents may work with a mediator to discuss their disagreement and attempt to work it out. The mediator is a neutral, and is only present to help the parties negotiate. How the dispute is resolved is left to the discretion of the parties.

Mediation is an excellent tool for parents and stepparents because it typically preserves the relationships of the parties, which is essential when children are involved. Entering a trial, the parents and stepparents may feel that they are competing for the children, and they may feel attacked throughout the process. Mediation is much less threatening. The parties are usually able to discuss their concerns separately with the mediator, which helps keep discussions civil.

On many occasions, a stepparent may feel uncomfortable discussing issues involving the children with a spouse’s ex-partner or ex-spouse, especially in the form of courtroom testimony. However, during mediation, the stepparent has the opportunity to privately discuss issues with the mediator, away from the ex-partner or ex-spouse. Such a practice encourages open and honest communication, a must for a successful mediation session.

If your family has suffered some sort of dispute, consider mediation to put it behind you.