Scheduling Holidays Using Family Mediation in Houston TX

For parents who choose to separate, resolving child custody issues is quite the challenge. The parents must create a custody and visitation plan that not only works with their schedules but also with the calendars of their children. Determining how family holidays will proceed after parents have separated is especially difficult. Family mediation in Houston TX allows parents to work together to create a holiday schedule that works for the entire family. During family mediation in Houston TX, the mediator helps the parents negotiate their positions and reach a middle ground.

Although each parent wants as many holidays with the children as possible, the best interests of the children must be the top priority during mediation. The goal should be to disrupt their lives as little as necessary. If the children love going to see their out-of-state grandparents for Christmas, then this celebration should be prioritized. If the kids have always spent Thanksgiving lunch with their father’s family, the parents should try to create a schedule that allows this to continue.

As the parents go through each holiday in family mediation, they should remember to compromise where necessary. As an illustration, in the above example where the children spend Thanksgiving lunch with their father’s family, a fair compromise would be that the children’s mother picks them up in the afternoon to celebrate Thanksgiving with her relatives. Or, in other situations, the parents may decide to alternate holidays, with one parent taking even years and the other parent taking odd years.

It ‘s hard to set a permanent holiday schedule in place during mediation, so parents must remember to be flexible. Work and school calendars of the parents and children are bound to change at some point, and the parents must work together to update and alter their holiday schedules as necessary.