Preparing to Mediate Child Support Disputes in Houston Texas

Though child support disputes in Houston Texas are largely a financial dispute, they involve many emotional factors as well. Many parents feel guilty about asking for additional child support from an ex-spouse or ex-partner, and many paying parents worry that the opposing party is not using child support money wisely. Regardless of why child support disputes in Houston Texas occur, mediation may be used to resolve them. During mediation, the parties work with a neutral, the mediator, to possibly negotiate a new child support amount that will be enforceable by court order.

How can you prepare to mediate a child support dispute? First of all, whether you are the paying parent or the parent that receives child support payments each month, make sure you compile all of your documents that show payments made or received. This may be as simple as obtaining a printout from your local courthouse, or you may need to review your bank account records. Print out these items and take them with you to mediation.

If you feel that child support needs to be changed, be prepared to explain why. For example, if your child’s private school tuition has increased this year, take school records with you that show this increase. If the cost of your child’s medical insurance has skyrocketed, provide evidence of the new premium.

Many parents also seek a change in child support once a parent obtains a new position, whether it pays more or less than the previous position. To discuss these issues, take copies of employment records and paystubs with you so that the mediator may review them.

As with any part of the legal process, words alone are usually insufficient to bring about a change. Do your homework and prepare for mediation, and your session will be beneficial and successful.