Issues Considered in Child Support Mediation in Houston TX

Child support mediation in Houston TX is a much cheaper, less stressful alternative used by parents to settle disagreements that arise over the payments one parent receives from the other to provide for the children’s necessities. During child support mediation in Houston TX, a mediator takes the positions of both parents and suggests ways for them to compromise. The mediator does not make any decisions for the parents—instead, the parents decide how they would like for the matter to be settled.

A common disagreement in child support mediation is how much money is necessary to raise the children. The parent with custody may feel that there is not enough child support, and the paying parent may feel that the ordered amount is generous. With a mediator, the parents may examine their incomes and the children’s actual expenses to possibly agree to a new child support amount. Often, the parents only need to sit down and review the numbers to reach an agreement on child support issues.

In other situations, one parent may feel that the other parent is not using the child support money in an appropriate manner. The paying parent may be concerned that the extra cash is being used for frivolous expenses instead of food, clothing, or shelter for the children. The mediator may suggest various ways for the parents to resolve this disagreement.

In many cases, retroactive child support, or support not previously paid, is an issue. In Texas, retroactive child support may be ordered in some circumstances. The mediator may help these parties figure out an amount and payment schedule by which retroactive support should be paid.