Elder Law

When decisions about the care of elderly members (often parents and grandparents) of the family need to made, time is usually of the essence. This fact is often complicated by the need to coordinate and unify the needs and requests of family members, the elderly people and the professionals involved in many aspects of their care.

As discussions occur, emotions typically run high and disputes can arise, sometimes over things that may seem trivial to some but very important to others. This is where elder care mediation comes in. It provides an informal yet private forum to iron out all the wrinkles and decide the best care possible for the elder members of the Texas families.

Elder care mediation brings together all parties who have a stake in the senior’s well being to discuss all aspects of elder care: arrangements regarding daily living and assistance needs, the elder’s financial responsibilities, and his or her capacity to make important decisions. The mediator, a third party trained in elder care mediation, facilitates the conversations and helps identify points of compromise. Other professionals such as social workers, nursing home care givers, financial planners and lawyers, may be brought into the meetings depending on the complexity of the issues at hand.

Fran Brochstein understands how complicated and emotional elder care mediations are. She knows that this means one will have to be more compassionate and empathetic when mediating these cases. That’s why she offers to hold the mediations wherever it is convenient for the senior to participate: at her office, in nursing facilities or in one of the parties’ home. Call her at 713-847-6000 today or send her an email at fran@mediationhoustontexas.com for a consultation.