Dos and Don’ts of Child Custody Mediation in Houston TX

If you are preparing for child custody mediation in Houston Texas, there are several points you should keep in mind to keep the session productive and civil. Using these points increases the odds of reaching settlement during child custody mediation in Houston Texas.

Do have copies of your children’s school calendars with you at mediation. These will be necessary to create a complete visitation schedule.

Do be prepared to justify your arguments. If you want custody of your children, be prepared to explain your position as to why you are the appropriate parent to have custody. Provide evidence that you are the primary caregiver. Similarly, if your spouse or partner has demanded additional visitation time, but failed to exercise his or her visitation in the past, provide notes of these events to the mediator.

Do keep your children’s schedules in mind as you discuss custody and visitation. Make sure that they may continue their extracurricular activities and hobbies with the schedule that is created.

Do not involve your children in these custody and visitation discussions. You do not want your children to feel as though they must choose one parent over another.

Do not, as hard as it may be, allow your emotions to control your decisions. If you are angry with your spouse or partner for cheating on you, do not attempt to take time with the children away as punishment. Remember that, in most cases, children need time with both of their parents. Unreasonably withholding time with the children will only cause them stress.

Do not bring additional family members with you to mediation. These family members may try to persuade you into making decisions that you would not have made had you been alone. Only the parents of the children should make decisions about custody and visitation.