Custody Disputes: How a Houston Family Law Mediator Helps

Custody and visitation disputes are inherently emotional and stressful, even when the parents live a few miles apart. However, interstate custody disputes provide their own unique set of challenges, as parents must learn to co-parent from different states and must invest more planning into their custody and visitation schedules. For parents who are overwhelmed with such decisions, a Houston family law mediator may offer valuable insight into the process. A Houston family law mediator will help the parents think of ways to coordinate their schedules, even from separate states, to allow them to co-parent successfully.

There are many issues to consider when the parents live thousands of miles apart. For example, how often will the visiting parent be able to see the children? Will the children visit the parent, or will the parent visit the children at their home? How will travel expenses be divided? How much time will the children spend with the visiting parent during the summers? What technology does both parents have so the parent and child can communicate with each other on a regular basis? The family law mediator will assist the parents in compromising and reaching solutions for each of these questions.

In many interstate custody disputes, issues arise after a visitation plan has been finalized. If the parents cannot agree on such issues, the parents may be forced to seek relief through the family courts. However, a family law mediator will advise the parents as to which issues may come up in the future so that they may be settled during mediation, saving the parents a significant headache months or years into the future.

Although co-parenting from different states is difficult, it is not impossible. In fact, many children adjust remarkably well to such a change. With a comprehensive custody and visitation plan in place, the parents will have the tools they need to communicate effectively and handle unanticipated events that may come up.