Child Support

Financial matters are often a point of contention for families in Texas. This is especially true when one parent is required to pay child support to the other parent. Though both parents might want what is best for their children, they sometimes do not agree on the amount of money necessary to provide their children an adequate quality of life. This is especially true in families where custody and other parental responsibilities are already shared.

Families in Texas have two choices for settling child support disputes. They can participate in an alternative form of dispute resolution, such as mediation, or they can let the judge decide the outcome of the dispute by taking the matter to court. In mediation, a third party neutral mediator works with parents to help them come to an agreement about a fair child support arrangement. This saves time and money, and ensures the parents have the final say in the matter. In litigated child support matters, the judge has the final say and parents are legally obligated to adhere to whatever decision is made by the court.

Child support issues can negatively affect the relationship, even amicable ones, when a couple splits up. Through mediation, Fran Brochstein gives the parents an opportunity to settle arguments quickly and respectfully. Call Fran today at 713-847-6000 or send her an email at