Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most highly debated family law issues in existence. When Texas marriages end and family structures change, the decisions that concern the well-being of the children are some of the most important issues to be settled. Sadly, in some families, one or both parents disregard the needs of the children, while in others, both parents want what is best for the children but do not see eye-to-eye on what that is. An attorney or mediator with expertise in child custody issues can be a valuable resource when families are changing and children are involved.

Child custody issues can be settled in mediation or through litigation. Mediation is the preferred method for many Texas families because it keeps the parents in charge of important decisions and allows them to work together as a team to create a solution that is best for their children. Mediators work with everyone involved, sometimes including the children, and facilitate communication within the family to help them reach a decision. When mediation is not possible, child custody issues are settled in court and each concerned party secures the services of an experienced attorney to represent their interests.

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