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Stepchildren and Co-Parenting in Houston Texas

If you are a stepparent, or if you have children from a previous relationship and have remarried, you understand that co-parenting in Houston Texas takes on a new dynamic once new spouses or partners are involved. Although in many cases co-parenting in Houston Texas goes smoothly, sometimes, parents encounter challenges that are difficult to resolve. If these issues are not resolved, communication may break down between these couples and their relationship may suffer. Even worse, the children may pick up on the heightened stress the parents and stepparents feel. How can parents and stepparents resolve these emotional disputes? One method is mediation. During mediation, the parents and stepparents may work with a mediator to discuss their disagreement and attempt to... Read More

Impact of Divorce to Parental Rights and Duties in Houston TX

Parents have a number of parental rights and duties in Houston TX. Parental rights and duties in Houston TX applies equally to all parents, whether they are married or unmarried. Simply because parents divorce or separate does not mean that their parental duties cease and that their rights as parents disappear. One of the most important parental duties in Texas is the obligation to support one’s children. When the parents live together, both parents usually contribute to their children’s expenses by paying the rent or mortgage, purchasing groceries, and chipping in for field trips and school supplies. However, once the parents divorce, the children transition to a single-parent household. To ensure that both parents continue to properly support the children,... Read More

Parental Rights and Duties under Texas Law

The code of laws of Texas delineates many different parental rights and duties that apply to all Texan citizens with children. These rights and duties typically do not cease because the parents divorce or no longer live together. First, every parent has the duty to provide care and support to his or her children, even if the parents are minors or have very little income. This duty includes not only providing financial support, but also educational support, medical care, food, a place to live, and clothing. Family court judges will be quickly angered upon hearing that a parent has provided little or no support to the children, and may take harsh measures against that parent, such as ordering jail time... Read More