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Scheduling Holidays Using Family Mediation in Houston TX

For parents who choose to separate, resolving child custody issues is quite the challenge. The parents must create a custody and visitation plan that not only works with their schedules but also with the calendars of their children. Determining how family holidays will proceed after parents have separated is especially difficult. Family mediation in Houston TX allows parents to work together to create a holiday schedule that works for the entire family. During family mediation in Houston TX, the mediator helps the parents negotiate their positions and reach a middle ground. Although each parent wants as many holidays with the children as possible, the best interests of the children must be the top priority during mediation. The goal should be... Read More

Custody Disputes: How a Houston Family Law Mediator Helps

Custody and visitation disputes are inherently emotional and stressful, even when the parents live a few miles apart. However, interstate custody disputes provide their own unique set of challenges, as parents must learn to co-parent from different states and must invest more planning into their custody and visitation schedules. For parents who are overwhelmed with such decisions, a Houston family law mediator may offer valuable insight into the process. A Houston family law mediator will help the parents think of ways to coordinate their schedules, even from separate states, to allow them to co-parent successfully. There are many issues to consider when the parents live thousands of miles apart. For example, how often will the visiting parent be able to... Read More

Why Use a Family Law Mediator in Texas?

Family law disputes are among the most stressful, most emotional disagreements that a family can experience. In many instances, the family unit is completely transformed, which is devastating for both parents and children. Arguing in court over the end of one’s marriage or a change in child custody is exhausting for the parties. Family law cases, especially custody battles and divorces, also have significant financial impacts on the family. Family law attorneys may charge several hundred dollars per hour for their services, and many clients underestimate just how quickly these expenses can add up. Consider the following: if an attorney charges $300 per hour, a 15-minute phone call will cost the client $75.00. If a case is especially contested, the... Read More