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Preparing to Mediate Child Support Disputes in Houston Texas

Though child support disputes in Houston Texas are largely a financial dispute, they involve many emotional factors as well. Many parents feel guilty about asking for additional child support from an ex-spouse or ex-partner, and many paying parents worry that the opposing party is not using child support money wisely. Regardless of why child support disputes in Houston Texas occur, mediation may be used to resolve them. During mediation, the parties work with a neutral, the mediator, to possibly negotiate a new child support amount that will be enforceable by court order. How can you prepare to mediate a child support dispute? First of all, whether you are the paying parent or the parent that receives child support payments each... Read More

Issues Considered in Child Support Mediation in Houston TX

Child support mediation in Houston TX is a much cheaper, less stressful alternative used by parents to settle disagreements that arise over the payments one parent receives from the other to provide for the children’s necessities. During child support mediation in Houston TX, a mediator takes the positions of both parents and suggests ways for them to compromise. The mediator does not make any decisions for the parents—instead, the parents decide how they would like for the matter to be settled. A common disagreement in child support mediation is how much money is necessary to raise the children. The parent with custody may feel that there is not enough child support, and the paying parent may feel that the ordered... Read More

The Advantages of Child Support Mediation

Child support disputes may arise from a number of different situations. Child support may be sought by a single mother who is struggling to raise her children on her own. It may be ordered by the family court as the result of a divorce proceeding. In other cases, a parent may request a change in the amount of child support, even if an amount was finalized years earlier. This usually occurs when a parent receives a pay increase or changes jobs. Many individuals are under the impression that they must use the court system to request or make changes to child support payments. Fortunately, this is not the case. Many parties in the Houston area have instead used child support... Read More