The Benefits of Mediation in Houston, Texas

Mediation is a faster, more peaceful alternative to traditional courtroom litigation. Instead of enduring the stress and expense of a courtroom trial, the parties work together to settle their case with the assistance of a mediator. The mediator will meet with each party individually to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, and will help them compromise so that each issue in their dispute may be settled. A settlement will not be reached unless the parties agree to its terms. Couples who attend mediation in the Houston, Texas area for their divorces often walk away with a full settlement.

A major benefit of mediation is that it eliminates the possibility of an unfavorable ruling from a judge. It is not unusual for both the case parties and their attorneys to be shocked at the manner in which a judge ruled at the end of a case. Instead of risking having a judge rule against you on important issues, you can attend mediation to ensure that the final settlement is one that you agree with.

In addition, Houston court dockets are backlogged, and it may take several months or over a year to receive a trial date. Instead, mediation can be scheduled as soon as the mediator and the parties are available—which may be as early as the following week. If the parties have already been separated for some time, and need to finalize their divorce to marry a new partner, mediation will allow the parties to move on with their lives much earlier.

Mediation is also a confidential process, which often protects the parties. For example, if one parent has had a drinking problem, the parties may want to keep this matter out of the court record in case their children research the case at a later date.