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Is It Possible to Have an Amicable Divorce in Houston Texas?

When most people hear the word “divorce,” they picture tears, screaming matches, and devastated children. While in reality, many divorces do involve these unfortunate factors, many divorces are actually resolved with little hostility. In fact, it is entirely possible to have an amicable divorce in Houston Texas. To boost your chances of having an amicable divorce in Houston Texas, you should seriously consider mediation. Mediation allows the parties to remain in control over the outcome of their case, and it often enhances their communication skills in the process. During mediation, the parties meet with a mediator, who serves as a third party neutral. The mediator does not advocate for either party. Instead, the mediator’s role is to help the parties... Read More

Stepchildren and Co-Parenting in Houston Texas

If you are a stepparent, or if you have children from a previous relationship and have remarried, you understand that co-parenting in Houston Texas takes on a new dynamic once new spouses or partners are involved. Although in many cases co-parenting in Houston Texas goes smoothly, sometimes, parents encounter challenges that are difficult to resolve. If these issues are not resolved, communication may break down between these couples and their relationship may suffer. Even worse, the children may pick up on the heightened stress the parents and stepparents feel. How can parents and stepparents resolve these emotional disputes? One method is mediation. During mediation, the parents and stepparents may work with a mediator to discuss their disagreement and attempt to... Read More

The Ins and Outs of Child Custody Mediation in Houston Texas

Child custody mediation in Houston Texas is a wonderful tool that has been used by thousands of parents to resolve even the most emotional, contested child custody disputes. Child custody mediation in Houston Texas gives the parties the power to decide how their custody and visitation schedules will be created, and how they will co-parent their children. However, what is child custody mediation, really? What can you expect during this process? First, you should understand that there is no pressure to accept a settlement agreement if you are strongly opposed to it. The mediator will not make any decisions for you, as opposed to a family court judge. Although it is very important to be open and flexible during mediation... Read More

Preparing to Mediate Child Support Disputes in Houston Texas

Though child support disputes in Houston Texas are largely a financial dispute, they involve many emotional factors as well. Many parents feel guilty about asking for additional child support from an ex-spouse or ex-partner, and many paying parents worry that the opposing party is not using child support money wisely. Regardless of why child support disputes in Houston Texas occur, mediation may be used to resolve them. During mediation, the parties work with a neutral, the mediator, to possibly negotiate a new child support amount that will be enforceable by court order. How can you prepare to mediate a child support dispute? First of all, whether you are the paying parent or the parent that receives child support payments each... Read More