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Uncontested Divorce Mediation in Houston TX

Many couples that decide to divorce remain on amicable terms. These couples have a rough idea of how they would like to set up custody, visitation, and child support. They may also know how they would like to divide their assets and debts. However, a majority of these couples are not aware of the details that must be included in their divorce settlement agreements. Uncontested divorce mediation in Houston TX allows these couples to discuss their agreement and add the necessary details so that the agreement will be enforceable by Texas courts. Uncontested divorce mediation in Houston TX allows the parties to quickly, efficiently settle their case and finalize their divorce. As an example, imagine that one couple has decided... Read More

Mediating Property Settlements in Houston TX

Dividing assets and debts is one of the most tedious parts of finalizing a divorce. First, the couple’s marital and separate property must be identified. Marital property usually includes assets and debts that were obtained during the marriage. Separate property commonly includes gifts, inheritances, or property that was obtained prior to the marriage. All of the couple’s assets and debts must be properly valued so that a fair and equitable distribution of these items may be accomplished. Many couples have chosen to mediate their property settlements in Houston TX. Mediating property settlements in Houston TX allows the parties to work together to divide their property, rather than send dozens of letters back and forth between their attorneys over the course... Read More

Dos and Don’ts of Child Custody Mediation in Houston TX

If you are preparing for child custody mediation in Houston Texas, there are several points you should keep in mind to keep the session productive and civil. Using these points increases the odds of reaching settlement during child custody mediation in Houston Texas. Do have copies of your children’s school calendars with you at mediation. These will be necessary to create a complete visitation schedule. Do be prepared to justify your arguments. If you want custody of your children, be prepared to explain your position as to why you are the appropriate parent to have custody. Provide evidence that you are the primary caregiver. Similarly, if your spouse or partner has demanded additional visitation time, but failed to exercise his... Read More

Why Use Elder Care Mediation in Houston TX?

As our loved ones age, we are often faced with difficult decisions that must be made on their behalf. For example, perhaps a parent must have constant supervision and medical care. Should the parent live in a nursing home, or should the children attempt to provide sufficient care? These emotional decisions often lead to turmoil within families. Fortunately, elder care mediation in Houston Texas allows family members to discuss these issues and work together to create a solution. During elder care mediation in Houston Texas, a mediator works with the parties to address their concerns and help them craft an agreement that works for everyone. The goal of mediation is to compromise and settle the case. In especially emotional cases,... Read More