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Scheduling Holidays Using Family Mediation in Houston TX

For parents who choose to separate, resolving child custody issues is quite the challenge. The parents must create a custody and visitation plan that not only works with their schedules but also with the calendars of their children. Determining how family holidays will proceed after parents have separated is especially difficult. Family mediation in Houston TX allows parents to work together to create a holiday schedule that works for the entire family. During family mediation in Houston TX, the mediator helps the parents negotiate their positions and reach a middle ground. Although each parent wants as many holidays with the children as possible, the best interests of the children must be the top priority during mediation. The goal should be... Read More

Custody Disputes: How a Houston Family Law Mediator Helps

Custody and visitation disputes are inherently emotional and stressful, even when the parents live a few miles apart. However, interstate custody disputes provide their own unique set of challenges, as parents must learn to co-parent from different states and must invest more planning into their custody and visitation schedules. For parents who are overwhelmed with such decisions, a Houston family law mediator may offer valuable insight into the process. A Houston family law mediator will help the parents think of ways to coordinate their schedules, even from separate states, to allow them to co-parent successfully. There are many issues to consider when the parents live thousands of miles apart. For example, how often will the visiting parent be able to... Read More

Issues Considered in Child Support Mediation in Houston TX

Child support mediation in Houston TX is a much cheaper, less stressful alternative used by parents to settle disagreements that arise over the payments one parent receives from the other to provide for the children’s necessities. During child support mediation in Houston TX, a mediator takes the positions of both parents and suggests ways for them to compromise. The mediator does not make any decisions for the parents—instead, the parents decide how they would like for the matter to be settled. A common disagreement in child support mediation is how much money is necessary to raise the children. The parent with custody may feel that there is not enough child support, and the paying parent may feel that the ordered... Read More

Impact of Divorce to Parental Rights and Duties in Houston TX

Parents have a number of parental rights and duties in Houston TX. Parental rights and duties in Houston TX applies equally to all parents, whether they are married or unmarried. Simply because parents divorce or separate does not mean that their parental duties cease and that their rights as parents disappear. One of the most important parental duties in Texas is the obligation to support one’s children. When the parents live together, both parents usually contribute to their children’s expenses by paying the rent or mortgage, purchasing groceries, and chipping in for field trips and school supplies. However, once the parents divorce, the children transition to a single-parent household. To ensure that both parents continue to properly support the children,... Read More