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How to Choose a Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediation is an excellent resource for couples entangled in divorce litigation or any sort of litigation involving their minor children. It has been successful even in highly contested cases. Not only does it save the parties money and stress, but is also allows them to maintain more control over the outcome of their cases. Once you and your spouse/significant other have agreed to use divorce mediation, you will need to choose a Texas divorce mediator. Most divorce mediators will offer a phone consultation session to explain their technique, prices, and experience. As you interview potential divorce mediators, keep the following factors in mind when making your selection. First, make sure that the mediator conducts mediations as a primary part... Read More

Dividing Assets in Divorce Mediation in Texas

For many parties, dividing marital assets is one of the most confusing and stressful parts of divorce litigation. In most states, the marital estate includes assets and debts acquired from the date of marriage to the date divorce papers were filed. For example in Texas, community assets continue to grow until the divorce is finalized – even if the parties have been separated for many years. There are many exceptions, however. Sometimes, property that was gifted or inherited by one spouse may be deemed marital property if certain factors are met. Once the marital property has been identified, you will have to determine its value and then figure out how to divide it between you and your spouse. Many parties... Read More

Mediating Child Custody in Houston

For parents, determining how to split time with one’s children is one of the most painful parts of divorce litigation. It is no surprise that in most cases, the parents disagree as to which parent should have custody of the children and how much visitation the other parent should have. If the parents cannot agree on how child custody and visitation should be resolved, a family court judge will have to decide the issue. Unfortunately, many parents are frustrated and disappointed with how the family court decides their cases. In Houston, many parents have found that mediating child custody provides much better results than attending court. One major benefit is that it can be scheduled much more quickly than a... Read More

Preparing for your Mediation Session in Texas

Although mediation is not nearly as stressful or as formal as a trial, preparation is still key to its success. In Texas, mediation has been successful in various types of cases, especially divorces. Knowing what to expect and preparing well for your Texas mediation session will allow you to focus on your main goal: settlement. First, think back to the events that led to filing for divorce. For divorce mediation, think about the incidents that happened that led to the decline of your marriage. Was it an affair? The loss of a job? Take note of these incidents and write them down, including dates and as much detail as you can remember. Additionally, go back through your email, text messages,... Read More