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How Mediation Can Help Your Relationship After Divorce

Couples that settle their cases through divorce mediation in Texas tend to get along better after a divorce than those who have their cases finalized at a family court trial. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that takes the case out of the courtroom and places it in the hands of the parties. A third party neutral, called a mediator, will assist the parties as they try to work together to settle their case. The mediator does not make any decisions on behalf of the parties—any settlement reached is due to their own acceptance of its terms. Mediation encourages collaboration between the parties, whereas a family court trial tends to focus on a “winner” and a “loser.” Since... Read More

The Benefits of Mediation in Houston, Texas

Mediation is a faster, more peaceful alternative to traditional courtroom litigation. Instead of enduring the stress and expense of a courtroom trial, the parties work together to settle their case with the assistance of a mediator. The mediator will meet with each party individually to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, and will help them compromise so that each issue in their dispute may be settled. A settlement will not be reached unless the parties agree to its terms. Couples who attend mediation in the Houston, Texas area for their divorces often walk away with a full settlement. A major benefit of mediation is that it eliminates the possibility of an unfavorable ruling from a judge. It is... Read More

What to Expect During Mediation in Texas

Although mediation is not nearly as formal or stressful as a courtroom trial, it is still important that the parties understand the steps involved. When the parties understand the process of mediation, it allows them to focus on settling their case instead of wondering what the mediation process is like. Mediation in Texas cases usually begins with the introduction of the mediator to the case parties. The mediator will then provide a bit of detail as to how the mediation session will be conducted. If the parties have not yet been placed in separate rooms, they will be directed to individual rooms, and the mediation will begin. The mediator will discuss the case with one party first to understand that... Read More

Mediation vs. Trials in Texas

There are several important distinctions that one may make between mediation and trials in Texas. Many of these differences will have a tremendous impact on how the case is resolved. Some of the most significant differences between Texas mediation sessions and trials include the cost involved, the possible outcomes, and the procedure each of these methods entails. Mediation will almost always cost just a fraction of what a trial would cost the parties. Many attorneys charge hourly for their services, so every phone call, letter, email, and court hearing add up quickly. Multiply these expenses over the several months or years it takes to have a trial scheduled, and you will have a legal bill of several thousand dollars. In... Read More