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The Key to Successful Houston Mediation

No matter what kind of legal issue you are attempting to manage in mediation, there is one primary key critical for success: communication. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of mediation is that it offers flexibility over litigation, but in order to take advantage of that flexibility, you need to be prepared to cooperate and communicate with the other party. In mediation, the neutral third party will help to layout the ground rules for the process and prepare you for what you expect. This is a critical time to set boundaries, and the mediator can help set rules. A sample rule that can be extremely helpful in mediation is only allowing one person to speak aloud at a time. This... Read More

How to Get a Legal Separation in Houston Texas

While many states around the country typically address the issue of legal separation, Texas statutes do not define the circumstances surrounding this concept. As an individual wanting to achieve a legal separation in Houston, this can present challenges and a dilemma about the best way to proceed. Although Texas does not recognize legal separation, there are steps that you can take if you wish to live apart from your spouse without officially filing for divorce. A divorce in Texas actually will decide two separate types of cases at the same time. The first is the community property division case and the other is known as a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship. While you could simply file a SAPCR case and... Read More

Do I Need A Lawyer for Mediation?

Mediation can be extremely beneficial for a wide range of family law cases, but it’s only likely to be successful when you know what to expect so that you may prepare accordingly. While it’s not required to have a lawyer on hand for your Houston mediation, it is helpful to have the additional guidance from one. The goal of mediation is to manage conflicts without having to engage the court system, but there are some situations where you may feel more comfortable with an attorney representing you. A lawyer can be very beneficial when you want to walk through the ramifications of certain decisions, for example. Your lawyer might also review your mediation agreement to help you assess whether it’s... Read More

What To Expect When a Parent Plans to Relocate in Texas

You or the other parent to your child custody agreement may have several reasons for wanting to relocate elsewhere. It could be the appeal of a new job opportunity, a better quality of life, or even a new relationship. Wanting to relocate when there is an existing child custody and visitation arrangement, however, can present challenges to Texas parents. The parent who wishes to relocate must convince the court that such relocation is in the best interests of the child. The default assumption is that such a move is not in the best interests of a child, so the parent wanting to move has the burden of proof. With proper planning and preparation, however, both parents have a fair chance... Read More